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Born in 2019, Skin Deep Wellness Spa emerged with a mission to be your comprehensive destination for all skin-related needs. Our diverse esthetic services, ranging from Customizable Facials and Acne Treatments to Beard Treatments, Reiki Healing, and Vaginal Steaming, are curated to provide a serene haven where clients can unwind, indulging in both pampering and educational experiences that are bound to be cherished

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how it all began

Hi I’m Shakira Owner and Esthetician at Skin Deep Yoga & Wellness Spa. I started my career, as a freelance makeup artist in 2005, doing makeup for special events, friends in college and the school’s fashion shows. I then moved onto weddings, proms and photo shoots very soon after. Around age 25 I began struggling with adult acne which drastically affected my self-esteem. After many years of be unsatisfied with my appearance I learned about the esthetics field and felt it was exactly what I was looking for. 

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Highly skilled, & educated

In 2018 after I graduated from Liberty University with My bachelor’s in psychology. I decided to enroll in the Esthetician School Program at A Rising Sun Beauty School in Philadelphia, PA. I fell in love with learning all about the skin and how to heal it. 
Completing the Esthetics curriculum in 2018 I continued my esthetics education with certifications in lash extenstions, chemical peels and dermaplaning and acne.  While in esthetics school I learned about Reiki and was soon after introduced to Reiki Masters and the healing power of Reiki.  I am now a Reiki Master Teacher.  In addition to my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology I also have a  Masters in Social Work from West Chester University. I chose this degree because being a therapist came naturally to me and I like how Social Work looked at the whole person and the various forces that have an impact on one’s well-being.  I became a 200 hr registered yoga teacher, 100 hr certified meditation instructor in 2020 after practicing yoga for several years and experiencing the benefits it had on my stress level and anxiety.

I provide a safe space for all of those who desire to be themselves and live, learn and grow so that they can live up to their fullest potential and ultimately live their best life filled with peace and joy!

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Our mission to you

Conceived by Shakira Davis, Skin Deep Yoga & Wellness Spa stands as a haven for healing, embracing the synergy of beauty, self-care, and holistic practices. Rooted in a mission to offer a sanctuary for those seeking dedicated time for themselves, Skin Deep is committed to providing essential care, attention, and rejuvenation for the skin, mind, and body.

Meet the team

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